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Swim Meet Volunteer Positions

Referee is the chief official at the swim meets. He/she may also serve as starter, stroke and turn judge, or place judge. They are LSA trained,

Starter announces the race and event number, readies the timers and judges, and starts the races. Starter will declare false starts. They are LSA trained.

Clerk of Course get the swimmers lined up for their races, and handles last minute changes to the race assignments. 

Stroke and Turn Judge observes turns, finishes, and strokes and ensures all rules for a particular stroke are followed. Disqualifications (DQs) are reported to the referee. They are LSA trained.

Head Timer times each race with two stopwatches for substitution in case of a lane timer failure.

Timers time each race with an app on a cellular phone. In regular dual meets, there are two timers per lane, one from each team. Times are sent directly to the scorer through the app. Timers attend a short meeting before the swim meet begins for timing instruction.

Scorer manages the data coming into the iPad from the timers' phones and fix any errors that occur. They print results for posting during the meet and print labels for ribbons. They are LSA trained.

Table Workers place labels on appropriate place ribbons and file them into the team ribbon box.  

Age Group Parents take care of the 6U, 8U, and 10U swimmers by keeping them organized, entertained, safe, marking the races on the swimmers arm, and lining the swimmers up for their races. Age Group Parents are there to free parents of young swimmers so that they can be available to volunteer in other areas. 

Set up workers work before the meet begins by getting lanes in place, the recall rope in place, chairs in place for timers, kick boards in place, set up back stroke flags, and set up scorers’ table.

Take down involves taking down and putting away the things mentioned above in set up, as well as being sure all garbage is picked up and lounge chairs are back in place.

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